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Related post: Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 06:29:56 -0700 (PDT) From: Mark Wild Subject: Red Devil Wrestler, pt. 4Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between adolescent boys and is for adult eyes only. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. This story is completely fiction, and all names and naked preteen russian descriptions (except for the occasional place-name) are also made up. Any similarities are purely nn asian preteens coincidental.I would love to hear from you, so negative as well as positive feedback is always welcome. Please write: For J.D. Salinger, my favorite writer, although I doubt he'd like it!Red Devil Wrestler, pt. 4Bren was back from California, so we were all hanging out, catchin' some rays by Slater's pool, grillin' some burgers and piggin' out. He and Slate had this Triple A map of state parks that had white-water rafting, and they kept yellin' to Jake and me, askin' if we were in? WE were splashin' around the pool. young dominican preteens "Of course we are, ya crazy??" Craig was sprawled out soakin' the sun up and lookin' real fuckin' sexy. He was all kicked back with his sunglasses on and his arms up and legs spread wide. I had to be careful so Slate wouldn't catch me, checkin' him out on the sly. Craig's hair was deep brown, but in summertime, dudes, it got flecked with these streaks of gold sunlight, and now that I was, uh, checkin' out dudes more, Craigger was lookin' real tight... Every so often he'd lazily wipe off the sweat from his arms and his pecs, and slick back his hair and expose his wet pits ---that bastard was OOZIN' sex... "What about you, bro?" Slater yelled over. "You free on the twenty-sixth?" Craigger lifted his head and said, "And the twenty-seventh for you, bitch." "In your fuckin' sicko dreams, bro," Slater shot right back, flexin' his bicep and spittin' real cool. Craig smiled wide; Bren laughed. Then Slater did something real junior high, and scavenged his plate for a round slice of pickle, lobbed it real smoothly right over towards Craig and... it landed, splat! ---right on his nipple! Jake gufFAWED and Craig jumped up and said, "You're dead meat, bro!" shook off the sweat, took his sunglasses off, and cannonballed into the pool. Slater swore when the water splashed out and got their map chunt preteen all wet, Craig stood up and I watched the water stream down his muscled chest. He lifted his hands and slicked back his animated sex preteens thick hair and said, "That's just for starters, bitch!" an' man, I was glad I was wearin' my boardies, 'cause hearin' that made my dick twitch. I had like this vision of me on my knees, sniffin' his dirty jock, lickin' the bulge till he pulled it out and made me suck his cock. Then he swam over and started shootin' the shit with me and Jake, about how it sucked workin' out at the golf course, and how Barry Bonds preteenie girl sex was a fake. Then Jake mentioned how Matt fuckin' Leinart was bangin' that Paris Hilton. "Dude better watch his dick then, bro, if that's the shit he's drillin'..." "As IF, dude," I said. "He's a stud football jock! You KNOW he can handle his tool!" Jake agreed (since he played on the team!), "Coop, you said a mouthful!" We high-fived like goofballs and chanted our chant, which was "Football, and Trophies, and 'Ho's!" "Yeah, Craig, it's a snatch buffet when you're playing in the pros!" Craig scratched his chest. "Lay off of it, Jake. Yer givin' me a boner." "What's with that, man?" Jake tossed back. "You didn't get laid in Florida?" "Ha!" Craig said, with a wicked grin. "Those sluts were HOT for bonin'! I slipped 'em The Rock, bro! ---you should'a HEARD 'em!" ---"The Craig had 'em moanin' and groanin'!" ..."Jesus, Coop, that the best you can do?" Slater chimed in like a wise-ass. "Choke on it, bro!" I said, glancing at Craig. "Sometimes you are suuuch a jackass...." "I got some ass for ya, Coop!" Bren yelled, and african preteen naturists jumped into the pool, and then we played some volleyball, and I played good, which was cool. I only lamed out once or twice, spazzin' preteen nude schoolgirl out on some calls, but then we'd just rag and russia nude preteen jock off on each other, and jostle each other and all. I kept my hands, though, waaay to myself ---I mean, these were my BUDDIES, for YEARS! It would like be fuckin' WORSE than the preteen cam sites crabs, if they were to think I was queer. Once though, man, I dove for the ball and missed and wiped right out, and ended up with Craigger's feet like three inches from my mouth. I got up swearin', but not before I got a real good whiff... and then had to think about ugly chicks to keep my dick from gettin' stiff. In one fuckin' second I wanted to lick Craig's sweaty feet and dick, and walk around with a hard-on for 'im, and be his little bitch. I wanted to fuckin' feel it when he slammed me down on a mat, rubbin' his big bulge over my face and hearin' him say, "You LIKE that?" I wanted him to pin me bad, so I was at his mercy... Slater laughed. "Come on! Get up, bro! Don't be a fuckin' pussy!" "I got cher pussy right here, bro!" not even thinkin'... and then goin' "Ooops..." ---and they fuckin' died and said very rude things to me. "Woohoo!! Fuckin' COOOOP!!" Later we just lay around and shot the shit and got caught up. "This is the life, bro!" "Who just farted?" "What'd I do with my cup?" Bren asked Craig if he'd fuckin' decided yet, where he was goin' to school? and Craig said, "Naw, I still got a month to decide." Bren nodded. "Cool." Craig had been accepted to State, but he wasn't plannin' on goin'. He was aimin' for OSU. "Maan, now they got WRESTLIN'!" "Think of it, dude!" "Man, if you made their team you'd be wrestlin' Division I!" "Fuckin' eh, huh?" "Forget it, Craig," Slate said. "...You ain't that good." Damn... if anyone else had said that, Craig would'a spat and just grabbed his crotch... but comin' from his teammate you could tell that pissed him off. In fact he kind of looked like he was chokin' on a pill. "...You might be a little stronger, Mott, but I got more sheer skill." Man, he was fuckin' pushin' it, but, like I said, that was Slater ---always shootin' his mouth off first and worryin' about it later. "You ain't got no special skills, bro, don't go startin' that! Some'a them dudes they paired you against? Shit, don't make me laugh..." ---"Give it up, bro." Slate had his blood up. "Your stats ain't all THAT." "YOU give it up, bro. It preteen girl cam ain't about stats, bro. preteens thumbnail girls It's all about ownin' the MAT..." He preteen hardcore nudity jumped from the bench and then started approachin' the lawn chair that Slater was sprawled in. "How about we go a round or two NOW, bro? I think you could USE a good lesson!" Fuck, you could tell just by Craig's body language that he was up for SOMEthin'. The rest of us just sat around and thought, Uh oh, here we go again... Slate hopped up and pulled off his tank-top and tossed it on the ground. "Come on, Craig, if you're so hot, then. Yeah, let's go a round!" Jake clapped his hands and then rubbed them together and Bren yelled, "Fuckin' Motttt!" I had to slide down so my crotch was all baggy, they both looked so crazy hot... "What you gettin' so wound up for? I hit a nerve or somethin'?" Craig feinted quick but Slate danced away. The veins in their necks started pumpin'. Craig slapped the chair and it folded and fell and he laughed and then giant-stepped over it. They were both flushed like they'd taken Viagra. My dick started throbbin' like shit. From where I sat I could see Slate's back muscles rippling as they circled. Craig was crouched down and even the veins on the side of his neck were purple. He lunged again and Slate grabbed his arm and twisted real wicked smooth; Craig went over Slate's shoulder then sexy preteens gymnasts DOWN, hitting the grass with an "ooooff..." We all of us winced, but he jumped right up, and even before Slate could start to boast, Craig started moving in real relentless, going straight for his throat. Next thing I knew Slate was down on one knee with a brutal half-nelson on him, and Craig was reaching between Slate's legs, grabbin' his thigh and pullin'. Slate went down with his other foot braced, twisted fuckin preteens IN... and fuckin' escaped! "Woohoo Slater! Fuckin' nice move, bro! Damn, we should have this on tape!" Slate didn't answer: he was too busy now, keeping his eyes on Craig, watching for clues in the way he was tensing the muscles in his legs. Craig was moving in and out though, keeping Slater off-balance, and making him second-guess himself ---which was NOT one of Slater's best talents. Then of course they started swearin' and talkin' trash to each other, acting less like long-time buddies and more like first-class rivals. "Come on buddy! I thought you were hot..." "You're gonna be eatin' grass, bro!" "First you gotta preteen model newstar take me down, Slate! illegal preteen erections Think you can DO that, HOMO?" There it was, the magic word that always set Slate off. I checked out real quick that the guys weren't lookin' and rearranged my crotch. Craigger knew that that preteens boobs pics was gonna piss Slate preteen cameltoe tgp off as well: he shouldered him hard when Slate preteen modelling links lunged in and smiled real smug when he fell. I swear, I think I'd never seen Craig look so fuckin' pumped. And then for one second his eyes met mine... and he winked ---and I fuckin' jumped... My heart was pounding in my throat when Craigger shook his head, adjusted himself and taunted Slater. "Git up. Stop playin' dead." Slater bitched and got up on one knee and ---talk about bein' saved by the bell! Just then we heard his 'rents pull in the driveway. "What the..." "---Fuckin' HELL." Craig wasn't happy but shrugged. "Oh well, I guess I'll cream ya later." "Yeah, bro, you just keep dreamin', okay?" Craig stretched. "I'll do that, Slater." Then Jake reminded them both to shake hands and to chill with the friggin' horseplay. preteens top list They both wiped their hands on their trunks and then shook. "Later dude...." "Fuckin' eh..." I mean, I'll give his 'rents credit and all: they pretty much left us alone. But still... Jake said it was gettin' late and he guessed he'd be headin' home. Craig said yeah, it was time to head out, and asked if I needed a ride. I nodded sure and felt my stomach flutter up inside. We gathered our stuff up and Slate came over and whispered, "Don't gag on it, bro." I looked up quickly. "I seen you, Coop. You are suuuuch a homo..." "Gimme a break, huh?" Slater just laughed and knocked me on my head. "It's just a ride." But I couldn't stop my face from turnin' red. "It's cool, dude," he offered. "Ha! ---believe it or not, for once I ain't even horny. ...Just make sure that mouth is hungry for Junior in the morning." Man, when he USED to talk models young preteens like that it made me wanna haul off and clock 'im; now... when he turned away he left me standin' there with a guilty hard-on. sexe preteen hard I knew all night I'd be tossing and preteen models softcore turning now, hoping he'd wear his old jock, dreaming he'd force youngest preteen models my head down on his pole, and watch while I bitch-sucked his cock... I followed him back to the rest of the guys and Craig said, "You ready, MC?" We walked to their cars they had parked out in front. The night was like eighty degrees. "I'll pick you up at seven, Coop," Slate called as we backed out the driveway. "You're alright, man," I drawled right back. "I preteens ls island don't care WHAT the guys say!" "Later, Slate," Craig said, "I'll call ya. We can hook up this weekend maybe." "Sounds like a plan, dude. jp preteens But call first, okay? I MIGHT be tied up with the ladies!" "Gotcha, Slate," Craig said with a snort, and we tooled real cool to the end of the block. Then he pulled off his tshirt and floored it, and wooooooed! when we really took off. I tried real hard not to stare at his chest, and pretended to look out the window. He grabbed my knee and I jerked and he laughed. "You doin' okay there, bro?" "Yeah, Craig. Cool, bro. Just don't touch me, okay? I'm not a homo." Craig pulled his hand back and started grinnin' like shit till I stopped him. "What?" "Gimme a break, Coop. YOU a queer? You think I'm fuckin' pre teens inoocent nuts?" "NO," I said, relaxing a little, leaning back in my seat. He braked and I even noticed the fuckin' muscles in his FEET. He stretched at the red light and I could see his pits detailed in the rosy glow. "Just preteen panty image watch your ass around Slater, Coop. I think HE'S the homo." "He uncencered preteen sites is NOT," I jerked to defend him. "Slater's as straight as I am!" ..."Donna said when he was drunk one night... he said he like flexes for dudes... on cam." ..."Dude," I said. "That's what she said." ..."He never mentioned THAT...." "Guess it's like he says, Coop. He's a man of many hats!" "Dude," I said, "...he was pullin' her leg." ---"He's been pullin' his fuckin' DICK, bro!" Craigger laughed and punched my arm. "An' you believe little pirates preteen 'er?" "How should I know? ...All I know is you got some idea that Slater's like fuckin' gold. He wrestles real preteen modles good, but he got some breaks, Coop. ---Sorry if that sounds cold." young nudist preteens "Yer just jealous." Craigger looked over at me and asked, "Of WHAT?" His chest was perfect and beautiful dark brown hair trailed over his gut. " 'Cause he like won the division and all." Craig spat. "My dick is bigger." "Dude!" like I was deeply preteen photos sites shocked. "That's too much info, Craigger!" "Ha," he laughed, and his bicep bulged when he squeezed between his legs. ..."Besides, so what? We all of us know you're bigger than all of us, Craig." I felt like I'd just stumbled off of a cliff. Craig clucked and said, ---"That so? And how would that be somethin' that even you football jocks would know?..." Man I was glad that the windows were down 'cause my pits were soppin' wet. I had to recover fuckin' quick. "---Dude! It's all over the NET!" Craig leaned sideways and scratched the little preteens candid awesome cleft between his pecs. "Holy shit! The bitches filmed it? They said it wa'n't nothin' but SEX!" "Dream on, dude!" I said to derail 'im, before this got out of control. But he was already gyratin' his hips, just like he was dickin' some 'ho. "Sorry, Coop." He saw me lookin'. "You know I'm like a dog in heat." I couldn't help it. I wanted to get on my knees and swallow his fuckin' meat. "Yeah, Craig, that makes two of us, bro." Why didn't I shut UP? Craigger grinned and started diggin', scratchin' at his nuts. "Well, Coop, just remember ---I got a bone for ya, bro, right here!" I told him to eat me and wanted to chew on that bone like a little queer. Man I wanted to feel him slam me hard, like we were on the field, force me down with his powerful arms and make me give and yield. I wanted my mouth to burn wet from the taste when I chewed on his funky socks, while he laughed and showed me what Red Devil Wrestlers thought all about football jocks. "Naw, Coop, I ain't gonna eat cha. We got Slate for that!" He grabbed my shoulder and free preteensex pics squeezed it firm and chills ran up my back. I shook his hand off. "Dude, that's sick!" Craig laughed. "Just think of it, bro! ...Payin' him back real good for all of those times when he calls you a homo!" "Dude, are you for fucking real?" Craig grabbed down at his crotch again. "Coop! I"m goofin'! Gimme a break. ---An' gimme some fuckin' skin." We slapped our hands and Craig slowed down and turned onto my street. "Whaddya say we go do us some fishin' when Slate goes away in two weeks?" (Oh yeah, Slater was goin' to visit some relatives in Missouri.) "I know this spot over at Greenwood Lake. It fuckin' rocks, you'll see!" He started drummin' the steerin' wheel and pulled into the drive. "Maybe we'll even pack the sleepin' bags and spend the night." Gulp, I thought. "Yeah sure," I said. "I'll run it by the Sargeant." I jerked my head towards the house and Craigger laughed. "Yeah, Coop. You do that." He sank back in the leather seat and scratched his muscled thigh. "Think of it, bro." He lowered his voice. "Just fishin' and gettin' high..." "Awesome plan, bro." "Plus if we spend the night we can swim around bare in the lake." I giggled. "What?" "With THAT thing floppin' around we won't have to pack any bait!" Craig rolled his eyes and then slapped at my head, a thing little model preteens they'd all picked up from Slater. "Fuckin' eh, huh? Well get the okay from your mom and we'll work out the details later." "Okay, Craigger. Thanks for the ride, man." illegale nude preteen Craigger said, "No prob. Maybe we'll even get lucky and find us some bitches to work on our knobs!" "Mott!" I said, "It ain't about luck! It's all about workin' the mojo!" Craigger grinned. "You need some pointers, you just let me know." hairy pussy preteens "Will do, buddy, and thanks for the offer." God, I wanted to stroke his dick, wanted to see it bone up hard and wrap my hands around it. I also didn't want Craig to kill me, right in the fuckin' driveway. So I just opened the door and got out. "Thanks, man. See you Wednesday." "Later, Coop." He leaned fotos preteens gratis out his window. "And keep your eyes on Slate." I tried to show off and scratched cool at my abs. "Jeezus. Give it a break!" Craigger put his hand on kitty preteen models the clutch, and I leaned down close and grinned. "What?" he asked suspiciously. ---"They even kept samples for clonin'!" Craig groaned bad but I didn't care: I'd brushed against his arm. He'd just spent three hours in Slater's pool. How could his skin be so warm? He slapped my cheek. "You're preteen 15 pics a talent there, Coop. If you just sucked dick you'd be perfect!" My mouth went dry and my crotch got preteen girl images damp. Craig winked again. "You jerk..." I stood there dumb while he backed down the drive and watched him tool to the end of the block. I'd be in my uniform after a game, crawling towards his cock. My knees would bang on the tile floor and he'd laugh 'cause I'd wince but wouldn't stop, rolling his singlet down over his torso, slowly revealing his dirty jock. He'd slip it off and make me chew that jock till it was soaking wet, knowin' that he was in charge and exposing my dirty little secret. God, I hardly made it up the stairs before I came. I couldn't cool down, calm down, or nothin' ---my whole fuckin' BRAIN was inflamed. I jacked off again, and this time I didn't start off, you know, thinkin' of chicks. hairless lips preteen Craig had a fuckin' awesome cock, and I was gonna get it.The first time Slater went out for wrestling I stayed and watched him practice, which he was cool with, "as long as you don't like wave and act like a jackass." "Gimme a break," I shot right back. "And don't be so friggin' dim." Like I didn't know how to act when I was hangin' around the gym! I mean I'd been playin' in Little League and Pee Wee football since I was TEN, and EVEN went on vacation once with my dad to see the Dolphins. Okay, we had some sucky seats, but I didn't even care ---Slate and the rest of the guys were at home and I was fuckin' THERE. I could even follow the game real good, you know, on the screen, and knew they'd all tell me the Dolphins sucked, but their faces would still be green. So even already when I was fourteen, I KNEW how to act like a jock. I was just waitin' to fuckin' grow UP so the midget jokes would stop. At least gettin' pubes was an awesome start, then of course we discovered jackin'. Girls came next and the next thing you knew we were fuckin' graduatin'. I actually only got grounded young preteen model once, when I banged up the preteen thong nonnude car real bad cute gallery preteen ---which was absolutely over-excessive, but hey, ya know, talk to my dad! And now here I was taking dick like a pro, and hardly even gaggin' ---how in the fuck did I fuckin' miss that I had a thing for cock, man? "Shiiiit, you always had tendencies, bro." Slate rubbed his dick on my open lips, watchin' my tongue lap up under his shaft, watchin' me nurse on the leaky tip. "And all these years when I slept over, you were probably hot for me, huh bro?" "I was NOT." "Yeah, sure. All these muscles I got. They turned you homo." Slater stood up from the weight bench, pulled his hard cock from my mouth and stretched; "Go get the baby oil, stud," and wiped at some sweat on his chest. I scrambled over in just some briefs that were tented like fuck from my bone, grabbed the bottle and scurried back. "How long till your mom gets home?" "Probably a couple hours, Slate." He grinned. "Sweeet!! That should do it." He flexed his shoulders and stretched his neck. "Come ON, bitch. Let's hop TO it!" Slater grabbed his wrist with his hand and twisted to show off his muscled torso, saw me starin' and shook his head. "You are SUCH a little whore, bro." How could I deny it? I mean, I WASN'T a whore... but german nude preteen I would be. Slater knew it too, each time he let me feel his body. He'd laugh 'cause I'd be even harder than HIM ---I mean, so hard it hurt, shaved closeup preteen till he'd nudge my cock in my briefs with his foot and I'd gasp and he'd make me squirt. Now I moved forward and drizzled some oil all over his shoulders and upper chest, watchin' it glisten and trickle down in filipina pre teens little rivulets. One brushed the edge of his nipple, pooled in the aureole, then dripped. It glistened hypnotically, makin' me moan and lick my puffy lips. I caught the drop as it fell with my finger, and ran it up over the curve of his pec, and felt my briefs clingin' all slick to my cock where I'd leaked and they were wet. And then let my hands pray all over Slate's chest, lost in the feel of his muscles, like he was some teen jock wrestling GOD and I was his disciple. "Aw yeah Coop. Yeah, feel those babies. Am I fuckin' SOLID or what?" I couldn't say nothin'. I knew it was true... and felt like a queer in my gut. Who ran the fuckin' long sixty-three yards for the touchdown that made us the regional champs? hidin' my hard-on when Craigger came over in just some rolled-up sweatpants. Who got all hot dads preteen models watchin' Slater work out when he'd work out these days in his "favorite" jock? "the one I stopped washin' a couple months back, bro," that smelled like his big teenage cock. How many hours a day these days was I waitin' to suck Slater's awesome dick? He'd watch me slowly kiss the shaft and laugh. "Yeah, Coop, yer cock-whipped." Fuck, it even made me hotter, when he talked like that while I sucked on his pole, knowin' my buddy was usin' my mouth like a little stretched-out pussy-hole. Poundin' the advanced preteen chat back of my throat with his cock and makin' me gulp and gag. "OPEN that mouth, bitch! nudist naturists preteens TAKE my dick, man. You are SUCH a fag!" Now Slater jerked his head and said, "Yeah, now my shoulders, dick-breath," and I moved behind him and oiled his traps and started feelin' breathless. His olive skin was flushed and glistening, radiating heat; my nostrils flared, my stomach swooned, my homo KNEES got weak. My hands worked out to his delts real slow, and he flexed them and let his shoulders ripple. I leaned in and licked at the nape of his neck and then reached around blind for his nipples. Slater moaned "Fuuck..." and he arched up his back like a cat that was gettin' her tail-bone rubbed; I started chewin' real light on his neck while I fingered those hot little nubs. I pulled his pecs and worked the oil into the cleft between them, pressed my chest against his back and felt the tension leave him. candid preteens videos Slater weakly slumped against me, and let my hands do whatever they wanted. And I got fuckin' talented hands: just ask any fuckin' cunt, man. I wasn't grabbin' a football now, I was grabbin' his muscled flesh, and I couldn't help my rock-hard dick from pressin' against his ass. As soon as he realized it though, Slate spun around and broke my grip, slapped me hard and made my head spin, yeah preteen modeling lingerie and made my cock drip. "What chu fuckin' think yer doin'? Fuck! Don't piss me off, bro! Keep yer fuckin' dick away from my butt, you little homo!" "Sorry, Slate." He slapped me again. "You fuckin' better be. If anyone gets 'erself fucked around here it's gonna be you, bro, not me!" We looked and saw the guilty stain that'd soaked all through my briefs. "Yeah, you fuckin' like this shit, you little football freak..." I couldn't talk; my eyes moved away from my briefs to his big wet throbbing prick. My face stung 'cause I was a full-blown queer now, and not just a little flit. "I'm sorry, Slate," I said again. "I couldn't help it, bro." Slate wasn't much for holdin' a grudge. He flexed his arms. "Here, homo." He lifted them up just slowly enough to give me a bbs erotica preteen glimpse preteen panty mpegs of his dark wet preteen 12yrs pits, laughing when I swayed on my feet when I got the first brief whiff. His biceps were streaked with oil and sweat, and he smirked and pumped them for me. My dick was so hard there was no extra blood for my head and I felt real dizzy. Just like a pussy I reached out and grabbed for his guns just to steady myself on my feet, tweakin' hard, dudes, just from feelin' those fuckers, and brushin' up against his meat. I couldn't think straight: I had this vision of Slate showin' off for some dude on cam ---which besides kinda pissin' me off made me jealous as shit, like a little bitch, man. I'd show him, man, I'd be the queerest straight boy bone nude preteens he could want ---gimme a month with his cock in our dorm room ---I'd make him forget about cunt... Yeah, I'd wait till the lights were half out, then I'd strip myself down to some tight white briefs, knowin' that all preteen kids pictures of our buds would be sleepin' and worshippin' his jockmeat. He'd whisper shit, like "Slow down, bitch. You want 'em all to hear you gag?" and no one would know that the new jock on campus was really a secret fag. No one would even susPECT that child preteensex the jock shootin' hoops in the quad after class with his posse, was waitin' for Slater to dead-bolt the door and strip down and start callin' him "fag" and "pussy." Yeah, I'd do all that and more, 'cause I was hooked on Slater's prick, like I was like enSLAVED or somethin' ---or well, at least addicted. Fuck, I would do almost anything now, jerk myself off for 'im, beg for my treat, big former hetero football jock, lickin' Slater's smelly feet. My mouth hung slack, my horny hands worked over his pumped and sweaty biceps; Slater grinned and lifted his arm. "Come on, bitch. Take a reeeal deep breath..." God, could he push my damn buttons or what? like he'd push on my cock through my stretched out briefs, rubbing his sole all along my hard shaft sometimes, makin' me moan for my russian T preteens dick's release. Never bringin' me off, though, dudes, never quite lettin' me blow domai preteen off and cum. Sometimes I swear he would keep my cock hard for so long it would still be hard, but numb. And then I'd be like in a trance or somethin', doing whatever he told me to ---and dudes, I don't wanna hear even one snigger: you'd all suck his cock if he'd let you. You'd all be like me, all you tough fuckin' jocks, you'd be down on your knees lickin' all up his shaft, 'till he'd slap his big cock on your flushed out cheeks and call you queers and laugh. Yeah and your dicks would be just as hard, too, when he'd make you ask pretty to suck his cock, givin' in to that secret thrill of serving a tougher jock... I did like Slate told me, I moved my head down to inhale the wet preteen nudism photos smell of his sweaty pit, wincing when he grabbed my hair and held me a few inches from it. I pushed my head forward and Slate laughed and flexed, and held my trembling head in place. "Look at me, dick-lips," Slater said. I did, and he spat in my face. It hit me square beneath my eye and trickled down over my cheek to my mouth. "Dammit, bitch! I told you LAST time. Fuckin' stick your tongue out." Then he took my head and wiped it right into his pit, and it all mixed up, his sweat, my tongue, his smell, my lips, his spit. nacked preteen pics It was like every damp smell of the summer had left its faint trace in the matted hair, and every scent was doin' its part to tease me pink preteen top into turnin' queer. I smelled the electric blue night when I creamed 'im, playin' miniature golf, and he circled the basketball courts three times till I finished suckin' him off. I smelled those afternoons when we wrestled so Slater could stay in practice, and I'd end up pinned and immovilized with his ball-sac draped across my lips. He wouldn't preteens porn images even HAVE to threaten to clock me to urge me to open my mouth real wide, and make me put my tongue to work while he pushed his balls inside. "Hum a few bars for me, won't cha, Coop?" Slater LOVED that joke. And he'd swivel around on my face while I mmmm'd and his nut-juice trickled down my throat. I smelled all those mornings he'd wake up boned and let me get between his legs, so damn horny he'd underage preteen virgin almost purr and sometimes pedo tiny preteen forget to make me beg... "Aw yeah, COME on! Lick my fuckin' pit!" he hissed, "...big football jock..." And he tightened his bicep around my preteen nudity photos neck and smothered me hard in a tight-ass headlock. He was like totally crushing me, dudes, and fuck angels naked preteen if I even cared. I wasn't munchin' on tittie or clit: I was chewin' my buddy's pit-hair. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck yer good. You like the way I stink when I sweat?" Slate wasn't really expecting an answer. "Nnnnhhh." He laughed. "I bet." I chewed like a whore on his armpit muscles and cleaned real good in the hollow between them, hurtin' for air, and lickin' and squirmin'... "Settle DOWN, bitch! Damn!" Slater loosened his lock up a bit, and watched me gasp and moan on his 'ceps, lapping along the muscled ridge, feelin' my briefs all soaked and stretched. He lifted his arm and then pressured my face down, all along his flaring lats, his hand on the preteen underwear xxx back of my neck like he did when he'd force some loser to kiss the mat. First I bent and then I buckled, and crumbled back down on my achin' knees. His big fat dick was hard as nails. "You want it, don't cha?" "Pleeease?"... I was past bein' ashamed or embarrassed, I wanted his russien preteen model hairy cock so bad, bad enough to kneel and beg to suck it ---ain't that fuckin' sad? Slater watched me nonchalantly, knowin' I was hooked. He tensed his abs and made his cock bob up. "Aw yeah Coop. Look! LOOK at that fat fuckin' dick I got, bro!" He scratched at his balls and then fed me his fingers; an' I took all three in my mouth like a CHAMP, and not some second-stringer. Fuck, there is somethin' just so fuckin' queer about lettin' your willing throat get used, and knowin' to open it up and reLAX so it doesn't get scratched or bruised. Yeah, I was learnin' to work my throat good, till preteens nonude galleries he'd almost BEG me to bring 'im off, and then when he shot to massage his fat meat with my tongue till he shivered and black preteen topless pulled out soft. Now Slate waited cheerfully and watched me lick his fingers clean ---fuck, a fag'll do anything, huh, to taste a straight boy's cream. He cupped my chin and grinned and slowly worked my horny mouth. My cock was so heavy it sagged through the leg of my briefs and was hard and hangin' out. And when Slater's fingers came out of my mouth, they came out drooling strands of spit. "Work my legs like you love 'em, bro. THEN you can suck my dick." I moaned, 'cause like I said before, Slate's legs were brutal awesome: calves like a ranch out in fuckin' Wyoming, and thighs like big Virginia hams. "You want some more oil, sir?" Dudes, I blushed ---'cause I SWEAR, that just slipped out. "Naw. You can give the rest back to yer mom. I want cute preteen sweeties you to use your mouth." He tightened his legs and his tanned summer skin rippled slowly over his bulging quads; I ran my hands over his muscled flesh and licked it. "Aw yeah... that's right dick-wad..." I could preteen girl modelling feel each soft black hair slide underneath my tongue, and breathed in deep hairy preteens trailers to suck his sweaty scent into my lungs. My hands crawled back to stroke his ass and I licked his sartorius up to his hip. I moved up slow, like a snail, real slow, along my trail of spit. He flexed his rectus femoris and vastus medialis, while my fingers twitched like little spiders inchin' up a trellis. I felt his calloused hands sexy preteen gallerie come down and hold my head in place. "Aw yeah, that's the fuckin' way... Aw yeah Coop, that feels GRRREAT..." I reached his groin and nuzzled in the shallow of his spittled hip, licking his adductors while his dick-hair brushed my open lips. The smell was overpowerin', I mewed just like a pussycat, itchin' to pounce on his hairy balls and lick his sweaty nut-sac. Dudes! It'd been like seven hours, so of COURSE I was all horned up: I'd been sportin' a semi since Slater'd preteen kid boys arrived in some gymshorts and asked "What sup?" Now he grabbed his throbbing meat, and spanked my face back and forth real good, and like last season's champ I knelt, and begged and took it while Slater stood. He left long streams of sticky juice across my stained and rosy cheeks. "Please can I suck it?" "Ha! You FAG!! There somethin' the wrong with my feet?" Shit!! I blushed. Slate had big feet, and I had fuckin' forgot 'em. I lowered preteen pics 4chan myself like a bitch to 'er bone and started lickin'. "Damn!" He lifted his heel and watched me lap around his hairy ankle. I could still see where his sock nude preteen wmv had crimped up where his skin retained the wrinkle. And I might as well tell you now, so you know ---plus at this point I don't even CARE what you think: there's nothin' that makes a queer feel more queer than huffin' another jock's foot-stink. I mean even a straight dude can suck a dick, sometimes as good as a faggot can, but you gotta have like a gene that screams "Queer!" to bone for your buddy's toe-jam. In fact it was sometimes at times like these that I'd think about old Coach Brown, who always warned us: "You think you're gold. But someone's waitin' to take you down." And I would lay in bed at night, just mindin' my business and squeezin' my dick... and start like to feel this warm itch in my butt when I conjured up Slater's fleshy prick. Jesus, not that I'd ever fess up: I'd never live THAT down. I mean I might be his queer cocksucking fag ---but I wouldn't be his clown. 'Cause trust me, if Slate even fuckin' susPECTed that I was, uh, wonderin' about, um, you know, gettin' fucked, he'd ride me hard till he wore me down and fuckin' knocked me up. 'Cause dudes, all alone late at night with my boner this newsflash was comin' in loud and clear: instead of bein' ashamed I was gettin' turned ON by turnin' really queer. I'd look at myself in the mirror and see the same wise-crackin' muscled-up football jock, then get online and look at pics all night of guys with hairy cocks. Big cocks, too, bros, stuffed in queers' mouths with thick jizz dripping down from their messy chins, queers like me with their jaws distended to take those cocks all in. Queers like me on their knees while some wrestler strips out of his singlet and works his face, whippin' him into submission an' showin' the loser his fuckin' bitch's place. Yeah you should'a seen me, dudes, my cock all engorged hangin' outa my briefs, throbbin' and leakin' down over my balls while I worshipped Slater's smelly feet. He flexed his toes and watched me lick them all till they were clean of sweat, one by one, in a line, each toe, in a domino effect. "Aw. Aw yeah. You fuckin' fag. O' de Old Nikes and No Fuckin' Socks! Bet you ain't licked fuckin' dogs this sweaty in months, huh, Mr Football Jock. ...Bet you miss those times you'd swipe Jake's pads and Brad's old funky cup..." "I did NOT---" Slate sat down on the weight-bench. "Just shut up." I did, and licked his hairy cartoons preteen shin to just below his knee. Slater put the sole of his foot on my cock and pressed it against me. "Unnnh," I moaned, and bucked, and tried to hump his hairy leg. I looked at his cock and my tongue hung out. It dripped. "You want it? BEG!!" preteen schoolgirl lust Fuck if I didn't. I looked at that hard tube of meat and thanked god I was turnin' queer. "Please bro? I want it, bro. Gimme your cock, Slate. Fuck my mouth right here..." Slater laughed. "That's a radical thought, Coop! Sure that's what you want?" "Yeah..." I bobbed for the head of his dick. "Make me your fuckin' cunt..." Slater growled, his piss-slit leaked and he grabbed my head hard and shoved into my mouth. "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck you, bitch ---more times than you can COUNT!!" Then he just raped my mouth like the stud he was, till I gripped his thighs an', chokin', let him push to the back of my throat till my windpipe was probably fuckin' broken. preteen supermodels photos He slammed his abs against my forehead hard, each time he thrust and preteens child nude fucked, and his sweat trickled down each ripple and into my eyes and they stung while I slurped and sucked. Then I felt his cock expand, and despite what I said before, I choked, 'cause it cut off my last little trickle of air and completely filled my throat. Slater swore like he always did when he was gonna cum, and I should'a passed out from the lack of air but my lungs were already numb. I swore undrage preteen models I could feel the fat head of his dick probin' half the young preteen blog way down to my tonsils, and since it was blocked all the snot had built up and was runnin' out my nostrils. "AWW fuck ---gonna shoot right down your throat, bro! ---Aw FUUCK!! a nice HOT jana preteen model load of sperm!" He grabbed my big ears and began to piston hard until I gagged and squirmed. My throat clamped down on automatic, I could feel Slate thalita preteen model start to blow: his breath was ragged, his knees tensed up, he SQUEEEALED... and lost his pearly load... Thick ropes of jizz spewed out into my throat and I slurped them all down while I choked on his dick, ALL his sweet cum, dudes, down into my stomach, strong and lesbian preteen fotos wicked thick... Oh yeah, fuck! ---I was gulpin' his jock-juice like it was a petite preteen porn Red Bull or Gatorade; Slate got a blowjob and I got his cum in a perfectly even trade. "Holy," Slater gasped for breath, too, "---holy fuckin' SHIT!!!..." I barely felt him box my head as I greedily chewed on his dick. His juice kept oozin' down my throat like a tap with a leaky faucet; I sucked his spongy softening cock and my dick throbbed hard and I lost it... I fuckin' shot onto Slate's strong hairy leg like a jock who had lost all his self-control... grippin' his thighs with his cock in my mouth and... Craig's fat cock... up my... ASSHOLE...... "UNNNNNHHHH!!!" I shuddered, my body was wracked with spasms and FUCK! did I fuckin' shoot! Slater's leg was drenched with my friggin' cum... ---"Awww Jeezus, Coop..." He burped and I twitched like a couple last times, and sexy sluty preteens Slate pulled his cock from between my lips. It hung plump and glistened. I leaned in and kissed it. "Yeah Coop, you are one lucky bitch..." I was a lucky bitch. Didn't I know it: Slate was a fuckin' stud. I started to talk but it caught in my throat and I coughed, and I coughed up blood... Damn. I cleared my throat a little. Damn it was fuckin' sore. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and coughed up a little more. "Hey bro. Whoaaa. How links pic preteen ya doin'? Okay?" Slate grabbed his old tshirt nakedcute pre teens and slid off the bench. He dabbed at my mouth and the back of my hand. "Shit. Guess I don't know my own strength!" I was cool and laughed it off. "Guess I need to toughen up!" "Fuck. You took my cock like a pro. You're plenty fuckin' tough..." I swallowed a little. It sure was tender. preteen crossdresser pictures "You think? I'm okay for a homo?" He laughed, then stopped. "Hey! So you're a fag. You're still the fuckin' best, bro." Slate had reached out and was wipin' the sweat that was toplist amteur preteen still tricklin' down on my abs from my chest. "Thanks..." His hands worked slow and firm. He whispered, "Just the best..." You could've knocked me flat preteen slut movie out with a feather: Slater leaned in and kissed me! I hesitated, then opened my mouth and responded. "Awww fuck... that's right buddy..." He mumbled and ran his hands all up my back and I moaned and we kissed real deep. He sucked on my tongue and then ---shuddered and ---shoved me away. "God damn it! You fuckin' FREAK!!" "Huh?" I gasped. "You fuckin' queer! Whadja go and do THAT for?" preteen showering "What'd I do?" He slapped me hard. "You fuckin' queer-assed WHORE!! You fuckin' ruined everything!" He was already grabbin' his clothes. "Slate..." "SHUT UP! Just fuckin' shut up or I'll fuckin' break your nose..." I got up slow while he moved all around me, gathering up his stuff. "And tell your old man I quit down at the warehouse, too. I've fuckin' had enough..." He grabbed his keys and a couple CDs and preteen and busty the roach-clip he'd secretly made me in Shop. "Slate. Come on...." I grabbed at his arm but he grimly shook me off. "Don't even CALL me!" he yelled in my face while I tried to pull some gymshorts on. By the time I caught up he was already out the front door and halfway across the lawn. "I don't EVER fuckin' wanna fuckin' see your face again!" "Slate..." "You're a fag, Coop. Simple as that. And I don't have QUEER friends..." I should'a slugged back, but I didn't, like always. "DAMN it, Slate. Come ON!" But he slammed the door tough and peeled out of the driveway and ---just that quick, he was gone. to be continued...
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